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Business Solutions

Business Consulting Services and Training is the foundation of our company.  Our consultants are qualified business consultants and management  leaders that focus on delivering business, risk, financial, organization, technology and process-related advisory services. We help our clients to effectively meet and deal with their current business management challenges, based on our in-depth knowledge of the business and industries in which they operate. Creating value propositions for our clients and committing to their effective implementation requires a strong culture of commitment and excellence, and is the hallmark of our services. Value, Productivity, Revenue

GE Work-Out Facilitation Workshop

Facilitation: GE Work-Out Services

The GE Work-Out process is a time tested method used to: Streamline & simplify existing processes Eliminate non-value added work Quickly identify, prioritize & meet new business initiatives Speed up decision making & implementation Build an empowered, “ownership” workforce GE Work-Out, developed at GE in the late 1980’s, is being used with dramatic results at …

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Process Improvement

LEAN Six Sigma Solutions within Automobile Dealerships

Automobile manufacturers have transformed there business operations by implementing LEAN Six Sigma over the last 20 years yet automobile dealerships have remained virtually untouched by LEAN Six Sigma. Automobile dealerships and service and parts departments that have implemented LEAN Six Sigma Best Practices have experienced a doubling of throughput, an increase in productivity of 50% …

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Seminar, Training, Workshop

Workshop | Seminar Series

Workshop | Seminar Series iSigma Group offers a number of different workshops and seminar series that have been well praised by attendees. This is just a small sampling of the types of workshops and seminar series that are offered by iSigma Group. These workshops and seminars are centered on current business challenges and team development. Contact us …

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