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Facilitation: GE Work-Out Services

The GE Work-Out process is a time tested method used to:

  • Streamline & simplify existing processes
  • Eliminate non-value added work
  • Quickly identify, prioritize & meet new business initiatives
  • Speed up decision making & implementation
  • Build an empowered, “ownership” workforce

GE Work-Out, developed at GE in the late 1980’s, is being used with dramatic results at hundreds of organizations world wide.

The focus is on fast implementation of measurable improvements with clear lines of accountability – obtained with speed, simplicity, and self confidence. Used repeatedly, GE Work-Out can help your organization become more lean, efficient, and responsive to changing market conditions.

GE Work-Out brings a cross-functional group of people closest to the work together to develop actionable recommendations to a business challenge that has been identified by leadership as a priority for improvement. Recommendations are tied to action plans that, if approved by leadership, will be implemented within 90 days.

The GE Work-Out process builds cooperation between functional silos and organizational levels, and increases morale by instilling values of excellence, involvement, and growth.


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