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Ergonomics Assessments Solutions

Assessment and Consulting Options:        Ergonomics Assessment Solutions by iSigma Group

  • On-Site Office Assessments

    We can provide you access to one of our consultant partners within the United States.  All consultants are reviewed by our in-house Ergonomist consulting team to ensure that we refer our customers to qualified individuals.

  • Office Ergonomics Training

    Contact us at [email protected] , and we will refer you to our consultant partners.  All consultants are reviewed by our in-house Ergonomist consulting team to ensure we refer our customers to qualified individuals.

  • Remote Office Ergonomic Assessments

    We have developed another method for assisting employers in their efforts to meet the needs of their employees in these times of fiscal responsibility. For situations where an on-site evaluation is geographically impractical or too costly, we offer a remote online assessment. The employee completes a brief two page questionnaire and provides optional digital images of their work area. An ergonomic professional will assess and provide recommendations based upon the questionnaire and images provided. Coaching and training over the phone is also provided.

  • Industrial Ergonomics Assessments

    Email us and we will refer you to our consultant partners.


The goal of any assessment is to improve productivity, quality, safety and worker comfort by making practical ergonomic improvements in the workplace.  Primary focus is given to improvements that will have a large impact.  Cost justifications (ROI) can support most improvements.  Improved performance at work will result in increased worker satisfaction and higher profitability for your company. An effective ergonomics program will lower your OSHA lost time and restricted day injury rates; consultants have the data to show this and can work with you on stating a case for ergonomics.


The range of services provided by iSigma Group Solutions referral network includes many industry professionals specializing in Ergonomics, Human Factors, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy:

  • On-Site office ergonomic assessments
  • Manufacturing line assessments
  • Lean manufacturing ergonomics
  • Industrial workplace assessments
  • Tool design and selection
  • Product design
  • Return to work assessments for injured workers

Consultants apply and develop methodologies for analyzing, designing, testing and evaluating systems. Our consultants address complex problems and advance ergonomics technologies and methods. All assessment recommendations are prioritized to help you focus during the implementation phase.  Short term and long term recommendations are typically provided.  Consultants can also help you implement recommendations if requested.  All assessments are handled professionally and confidentially.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is an ergonomic assessment important? A comprehensive ergonomic assessment benefits  the worker by improving efficiencies and comfort while maximizing  safety at a justifiable cost. Increased productivity and reduced employee downtime usually deliver an excellent ROI.

What is the normal lead time to schedule an assessment? It typically takes no more than one week to schedule an ergonomic assessment.

Ergonomics Assessment Solutions by iSigma Group

LEAN Ergonomics Six Sigma (LESS)

A LEAN Ergonomics Six Sigma (LESS) methodology approach to human work capability factors in the workplace has been part of the LEAN quality evolution since its beginnings. But recently has received more visibility from employers, insurers, and governmental organizations due to the high rate of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses and the health care cost associated with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). “OSHA estimates that 1.505 million …

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